Eternally, Nada, associated with the primordial sound, OM, has been the goal and path of seekers through the Yogic Path. Yoga and Nada are so inseparable that accomplishing one will get the seeker to see the depths of the other. Often, the practice of one merges in the other and makes the practicant reach the Nirvana, ultimate bliss. Nada is identified as the primary inspiration for Yoga and the meditation music by Sri Swamiji is an epitome of how music can help seekers in practicing Yoga. World over, there are multiple organizations and millions of followers who use Sri Swamiji’s music as an aid for meditation and to get the mind focus on the ultimate goal of inner journey.

While active and passive listening – both are valid for the healing purposes, the active listening with concentration/focus is more appropriate for Yoga Sadhana.

Modern Science tells us that every vibration will have a certain frequency audible or not. Similarly every sound produces certain vibration and the complex nerve paths pass through multiple nerve centers known as Chakras. These nerve centers keep vibrating and deliver nada in a particular frequency. Any disturbance in the vibration a the complex nerve centers can cause a potential disease which has to be corrected only by Nada. Sri Swamiji’s music is focused on helping seekers reach their next level. Nerve Centers, known as Chakras will be always in harmony with the nada produced by themselves and any matching music helping the practicants in their inner journey through Yoga.